Howlin’ Entertainment is leading the change needed in Comedy & Variety shows.

Award winning Comedian, Actor, Pianist & CEO of Howlin’ Kev Orkian, has been pushing the boundaries for the past two years, in changing the attitudes of audiences and Entertainers alike, by introducing a combination of world class Comedy & variety acts to all their productions.

“The Public are hungry for something new, and that’s where Howlin’ Entertainment is fast becoming the Brand name in Quality Entertainment” The good old days of seeing more than just one style of act, has done full circle, and today more and more variety/cabaret acts are appearing in Howlin’ Productions.

We are introducing Magicians, mentalists, Comic musicians, Mime Acts, International acts, and speciality acts, all with one purpose, to give the ticket buyer something different and fresh. (Kev Orkian) “Our industry is diluted, and needs a fresh approach. I travel around the globe and see numerous entertainers and acts that have made me laugh out loud and inspired me with their talents, but these people never get seen on the circuits we have grown to love and respect.

Howlin’ Entertainment has been fusing a pool of talent from all genres of Comedy & Variety to bring a new concept of show that has something for everyone. “We are importing and exporting talent to different venues around the globe and sharing other countries Talents with our own. So far the project has been a massive success and we are creating more opportunities for British Comedy and Variety acts to travel to other destinations, building new audiences”. My passion is to bring a quality of show that has people talking about it for decades, not days. I’m also very keen to close the gap between Comedy & Variety. To put it simply, it’s a performance and makes no difference whether you’re one or the other.

Each production has a plethora of Variety & Comedy. We have original music, written specifically for our shows, and our posters are informative and feature all the talent we present. Our last event received much accolade and sold out within days. We are going to be announcing our autumn dates very soon, and featuring some of the world’s finest acts never seen before.

For more info. www.howlin.co or follow us @TalentsB

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